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Select from study materials suitable for individuals of all ages who want to make Scripture part of their daily focus according to a preferred version: ESV, KJV, NASB, NKJV. Samples are provided with each item.

We consider the regular study of Scripture to be a necessary ingredient for those who want to develop a relationship with the Creator of the universe, including every individual. The Downloadable products are PDF study materials which can be viewed on a computer device or can be printed in 8.5x11 form. 

For a preprinted version of the Downloadables, select from one of the other categories at the top or left side of the page according to your interest and involvement.

  • PCGCover
    The Person and Character of God - Download$14.99

    40 High School and Adult studies

    Sample Pages

  • PCGCompanionCover.jpg
    The Person and Character of God Companion Studies - Download$14.99

    Lessons coordinate with High School and Adult studies

    Sample Pages

  • THFrontCover.jpg
    The Trojan Horse in Christian Education - complete - Download$17.99
    w/ questions, a high school study guide, appendixes, and indexes

    Sample Pages