#1: Lamp & Quill Devotional Bible Studies Review Highlights; 

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I don't know about you, but when I am looking for a quality Bible curriculum I become extra picky. It has to be thorough. It has to be interesting. It has to teach us how to think, not necessarily what to think, but how to evaluate and learn from what we read. It has to equip us to study the scriptures. It needs to be biblical! Lamp and Quill Devotional Studies fits this profile for us. ... So what is Lamp and Quill? From their website:

"Lamp and Quill develops and publishes Devotional Bible Study material for all ages. We were blessed to have someone teach us how to look into God's Word, find answers to life and develop our own personal walk with the God of the Bible. Our goal is to ... help others grow in their walk with God through the Scriptures and help them train up a godly generation which is devoted to knowing God and helping others know Him."

"Lamp & Quill is not a substitute for Scripture, but rather acts like a shoehorn, guiding individuals into the Bible. These studies cover most books of the Bible in six years on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and include the threads and themes throughout. The focus is on learning to think about Scripture and getting to know the God of the Bible in a personal way as our Savior, our joy, our daily hope and our hope for the future. Lamp and Quill curriculum is not merely a remembrance of historical highlights and heroes of the past. Each of us is individually important to Almighty God and our lives are lived daily in His holy presence."

This is a good beginning, no? Let me tell you how this program works.

#2: The Trojan Horse in Christian Education Review Highlights;

(Complete Review #2)

This book surveys the major influences on Western civilization through a Biblical worldview and how those influences have affected the modern Christian church and its teachings, especially in regards to children. The authors start with an explanation of their presuppositions:

  1. Scripture is authoritative and infallible.
  2. God is sovereign and exists in three persons.
  3. Fleshy man, who was once good, is now cursed by sin because of Adam but has a chance at redemption by faith in Jesus.
  4. God's judgment in the after-life will result in each of us having an eternal life in hell or heaven.

They explain why those presuppositions are important and how having the opposite presuppositions will lead to much hopelessness and depraved thinking and living. Next is a brief overview of the major periods of history, from Creation to the 1900s. They highlight major events and influential people who have shaped modern-day Western civilization. Then they show how secular and humanistic thinking has crept in and shaped the modern church and its teachings, especially in the children's Sunday school. ...

I cannot recommend this book enough! All pastors, Sunday school teachers, and homechoolers need to read it!