About Us

Lamp & Quill develops and publishes Bible Studies and Devotional Bible Study material for all ages. We were blessed to have someone teach us how to look into God's Word, find answers to life and develop our own personal walk with the God of the Bible many years ago. Our goal is to help others grow in their walk with God through the Scriptures and help them train up a godly generation devoted to knowing God and helping others get to know Him. Lamp & Quill is like a shoehorn, guiding individuals into the Bible.

We advocate pursuing the Proverbs 2 mandate of treasuring Gods commands within and seeking for wisdom as if we are seeking silver and hidden treasure with an eager receptive heart. Proverbs 2:10 says that when wisdom enters our heart and knowledge is pleasant to our soul, discretion will preserve us and understanding will keep us. This is certainly needful today. The remainder of Proverbs 2 explains some ways we are protected and delivered, along with describing the fate of the wicked.

These studies cover most books of the Bible over six years on a chapter-by-chapter basis, including threads and themes throughout. The focus is on learning to think about Scripture and getting to know the God of the Bible in a personal way as our Savior, our joy, our daily hope and our hope for the future. Lamp & Quill curriculum is not merely a remembrance of historical highlights and heroes of the past. Each of us is individually important to Almighty God, and our lives are being sanctified as we live daily in His holy presence.

Who Are the Developers?

Mike is the director and editor of the materials. He grew up in the mid-west and has a degree in the business field.

Carolyn is the initial writer of the materials. She grew up on the east coast and has a degree in education. They have lived in several states including Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, and currently Texas.

Mike and Carolyn have two children who were their guinea pigs and seven grandchildren who are beginning to learn truths from the Scriptures from their parents and grandparents. They are in a conservative church in the Dallas area where God's Word is lifted up according to the basic truths given below.

Teachers and children across the country have been the research and development support teams as they tell us about their successes and failures. We delight in sharing about what to use that works and what to eliminate that does not work. While methods have varying degrees of success or failure, God and His Word never fail, and that is our focus throughout.