Something's Missing, What Is it?

About God?

  • God made all things.
  • God made me.
  • God loves me.
  • God cares for me.
  • God uses people to care for me.
  • God is with me all the time.
  • God hears me when I pray.
  • God knows what is best for me.
  • God is in Heaven.
  • I can sing and talk to God.
  • God forgives me when I am sorry.

About Jesus?

  • Jesus is God's Son.
  • God sent His Son to earth.
  • Jesus was once a child, growing as other children do.
  • Jesus in now in Heaven with God.
  • Jesus loves me.
  • Jesus is my Friend.

About the Bible?

  • The Bible is a special Book.
  • The Bible is God's Book.
  • The Bible tells about God and Jesus.
  • The Bible is a Book of true stories.
  • The Bible tells me how to do right.

About the church?

  • We have happy times at church.
  • This is my church.
  • God's helpers work here.
  • We learn about God at church.
  • I can help at church.
  • I can bring gifts here to show I love God.
  • I can ask other boys and girls to come to church, too.

About his home?

  • God gave me my home.
  • God gave me my father, mother, sisters, brothers.
  • God gave me my grandparents and other relatives.
  • I can help at home.

About pleasing God?

  • God wants me to be kind.
  • God wants me to share.
  • God wants me to love everyone.
  • God wants me to obey my parents.
  • God wants me to be a helper.

About reaching others with the gospel?

  • God loves all the children in the world.
  • Some children do not know about God.
  • I can pray for our missionaries.
  • I can give money to help other children know about God.
  • I can tell friends and neighbors that God loves them.
  • How does this list relate to me and my family?

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