Christian School

These Bible study materials are for Christian Schools with classes for students and teachers. Annual workbooks are spiral bound with 52 lessons. Students can work with their parents during the summer. In addition to student workbooks and teacher guides there are story books, song books, map books, concentration games, word cards, verse cards, verse-tracing books, and verse-emphasis crafts. Also see Downloads, Attributes and Trojan Horse info.

Toddler (Ages 1-2)

Preschool (Ages 2-5):  Preschool (Ages 2-3); Prekindergarten (Reading Readiness, appx. Age 4); Kindergarten (Beginning Reading, appx. Age 5)

Primary:  Early Primary (appx. Grade 1); Primary (appx. Grade 2); Middler (Grades 3-4)

Above Primary:  Junior (Grades 4-6); Jr. HS, Sr HS (Grades 7-12)

There are CDs for those who prefer to print their own materials. The Attributes and Trojan Horse materials are studies for upper high school and above.