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This page includes materials for Toddlers (Ages 1-2) and their parents. See each product for a Sample.

Annual materials are spiral bound and have 52 lessons. 

  • 1EZC
    Coloring Book, Annual$7.99

    Sample Lesson

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  • 1EST
    Toddler Student Wkbk (ages 1-2), Annual $18.99

    Sample Lesson

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  • 1.1.1ZSTFrontCov.jpg
    Full Color Storybooks, Annual$54.99
    4; 20-pg (11x8.5), full color pictures w/stories, top spiral-bound, coordinate w/LQI Studies

    Sample Pages

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  • conccards.gif
    Concentration Game, Annual$10.99
    spiral bound Memory Cards for lesson review

    Sample Cards

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  • wordcards.gif
    Word Cards, Annual$11.99
    lesson coordinated

    Sample Words

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  • 1ETF12
    Family Leader Guide, Annual$21.99
    Adult Study - with Discussion Questions

    Sample Lesson

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  • 1ETR12
    Parent Study Guide, Annual$21.99
    Adult Study - with Activities for Younger Children

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  • SongCover.gif
    Song Book, All Years$6.99
    lesson-coordinated songs and also hymn suggestions

    Sample Pages

  • TF101Cov
    Family Devotional Training 101 $13.99
    Practical helps and ideas to effectively emphasize the spiritual truths of a passage through questions, activities, stories, songs, word puzzles, and more.

    Sample Pages

  • versecards.gif
    Verse Cards, Annual$13.99
    spiral bound, lesson coordinated

    Sample Verses

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  • CDFa.gif
    CD - Family (All Ages)$44.99
    PDFs for families w/ support material, Select year