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And yes, we do have devotional Bible studies on lampquill.com for anyone who wants to go on a journey of growing in their relationship with the God of the universe in a meaningful way through the study of Scripture

Video Introduction to Lamp and Quill Studies

Curious but short on time. Click here for a 1 Minute Video Introduction.

More Information about the Studies

All ages can interact with passages as individuals, families, classes or groups. Select one of the six years of studies according to your preferred version: ESV, KJV, NASB, NKJV. Samples are provided with each item. Downloadable PDFs can be viewed on a computer device or printed in a 8.5x11 format. Bible studies are not all there is to finding God's specific plan for our lives, but they help open our eyes to the basic direction God has for us.

There are 10 free studies for all ages as a selection from each of the six years.

See the top or left navigation areas to find printed and downloadable studies according to your interest and involvement. 

The More Studies section has Downloadable and Printed options for two types of studies. 

  1. The Person and Character of God (40 studies each)
    1.  Upper High School and Adult 
    2.  Preschool through Junior companion studies
  2. The Trojan Horse in Christian Education is a century-by-century study for upper high school and adults. Read as desired or look for the 1 year study guide at the end.