Q: Which books of the Bible does LQI cover?

Year 1 Genesis provides a thorough solid foundation of Scripture. (If you covered it recently, consider another year.)

Year 2 Exodus and Matthew are the giving and the fulfillment of the law. Exodus tells of God drawing out a people to Himself who were afraid of Him. Like a lawyer, Matthew tells how Jesus is who He said He is and how He was legally and in every other way the one and only person who can save us from our sins.

Year 3 For one quarter we see Joshua lead the people in the process of conquering the promised land. For one quarter we see Judges cover many years of the cycles of sin and restoration followed by a welcome look at redemption in the book of Ruth and a glimpse at the first seven chapters of 1 Samuel. This is followed with the kingships of Saul, David, and Solomon in 1 Samuel 8 1 Kings 11 along with Proverbs 2 and 8 and a quick overview of Ecclesiastes.

Year 4 One quarter of Psalms looks at specific Psalms up through Psalm 33 and what was happening in David's life when each was written. There are three quarters of the book of John. This year masterfully speaks to the heart.

Year 5 Three quarters cover the History and Prophets at the end of the Old Testament and one quarter completes the New Testament with the book of Revelation including fulfilled and future promises all year.

Year 6 There are 2 quarters of the Early Church in the book of Acts. There is a one quarter overview of Romans and a one quarter, fast-paced overview of most of the letters of Paul.