Dr. Street Interview

Dr. John Street is an adjunct professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the Chair of the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling and Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University & Seminary in California. One of his many hats is that of a Fellow and President of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). He does training conferences throughout the US and numerous other countries. He has published three books.

  • Men Counseling Men (editor, Harvest House)
  • The Biblical Counseling Guide for Women (Harvest House)
  • Passions of the Heart: Biblical Counsel for Stubborn Sexual Sins (Presbyterian & Reformed Academic Publishers)

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Interview Introduction

My name is Dr. John Street. I have a great passion for biblical counseling and seeing people become very familiar with using the Word of God daily in terms of practical living. I have the opportunity to be with Mike Riggs. Mike, and his wife, Carolyn, are responsible for a ministry called Lamp & Quill Bible Curriculum. I’m very excited about this curriculum because it is designed to help parents, children, churches, across the board, really integrate the Word of God into daily life.

Interview Questions

  • First, tell me a little bit about Lamp & Quill Bible Curriculum.
  • How do you see this material being used by biblical counselors who routinely work with serious soul problems?
  • How does the material get at a child’s heart issues not just changing behavior but changing their hearts?
  • How do you help parents who are unskilled or don’t know how to train their children biblically?
  • What significant factors do you think influence the lack of parent-child discipleship?
  • What are some other contributing factors for the lack of parent-child discipleship?
  • How have you seen these materials be effective in terms of God’s Word in their lives?