Mike's Meditations Overview

Contents for Mike's Meditations (audio and text)

Mike did not grow up in a family that attended church regularly. However, when he began college, he ran into a group of friendly students who kept telling him about Jesus Christ. Even though he gave them a hard time about some God who might not even exist, God was working him over on the inside. He had an emptiness and lack of purpose that would not go away. 

One night Mike prayed that if there was a God, he wanted to turn his life over to Him for His purposes. There were no theatrics, but it was not long before Mike realized that the emptiness and lack of purpose had disappeared. Not long after that Uncle Sam required his service. During his time in the service he again ran into some believers who taught him how to spend time in the Scripture and learn how to grow. (See the first meditation session.)

These usually short meditations (audio and text) show the path that God has taken him and his family on over the decades. Each meditation covers specific truths they have learned from Scripture and from life experiences. Our prayer is that God will use these meditations to open your eyes to see, your ears to hear, and your hearts to grow in an understanding of the richness of God's presence in your lives more and more each day as He has done for us.   

Dr. Street Interview (audio and text)

Mike recently did an interview with Dr. John Street who has a great passion for biblical counseling and for seeing people become very familiar with using the Word of God daily in terms of practical living. He is very excited about this curriculum because it is designed to help parents, children, churches, across the board, really integrate the Word of God into daily life.